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The Choice

The Choice Before Us – Life or Death An Extract from Part 6 | An Overview of the World System of Bondage There must always be remedy in Law. We live in and have our existence in a Free Will Universe and therefore only by the voluntary consent of the willing participant is any of this possible. This is why the lofty sounding phrase “Government by the Consent of the Governed” found in the Declaration of Independence sounds so reassuring and yet is the most insidious phrase found in that document. Everything is structured to gain that voluntary consent where silence is acquiescence and the failure to timely and properly object becomes the prima facie evidence to support the ongoing presumption of consent. The remedy is the fact that, through the biological incarnate form we hold as our bodies and genetic ancestral code, we can claim our life and prove standing “in life”. The split in the road now upon us is the literal bifurcation between Life and Death. The Matrix is a Cult of Death. It is the Realm of Death, the Real Estate or Royal Estate, which is in fact completely hardwired to death. The denial of this what is meant by the phrase “those with eyes to see”, because if one’s eyes are open yet they do not see these facts, one is without eyes that truly see. Nevertheless, it is there for those with “eyes to see” that the path to take is the one leading back to the Land of the Living. Listen to Part 6 of 21An Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from life. When our mothers informed us as the original corpus (put us into the form of the body of a trust) by literally accepting the role as “Informant” on the registration form for the Certificate of Live Birth, we were declared a Ward of the State and the presumption prevailed that our estate was abandoned. That’s the lawful ancestral estate that is recognized in global estate and trust law as being capable of being claimed by each and every lineal, generational descendant. Of course we are new born at the time, so we can’t readily stand up and claim the estate, so that is kept in abeyance until we reach majority age. That age is generally considered to be twenty-one, and that number has high esoteric significance as the factor of three times seven (3 x 7 = 21). The numeric three is a key one in the hidden/esoteric system that underlies the entire matrix. It signifies absolute consent upon the passage of three opportunities to object. Thus, at the age of seven, we reach the first stage, at which time we are now considered lost at sea in a ghost ship, a commercial vessel afloat on the sea of commerce. At age fourteen, having reached the age of puberty and the biological ability to procreate, we activate our genetic code to a secondary level and begin to approach the time when we have the conscious capacity to claim our living estate, our own bodies and procreative capacities and to merge with the creative capacities of the planetary and solar realities in which we exist. At this stage, if we do not claim the estate and nullify the presumption of abandonment, we are now presumed dead and without a will, having died a civil death intestate. At this stage we can enter into a contract with the State to marry a partner, to procreate and produce offspring that continues the cycle. Additionally, we can apply to become a “driver in commerce” and to volunteer to hold the “Office of the Person” as Registered Agent of the corporate franchise. In that status, we receive legal process in the name of the U.S. PERSON, the franchise, the commercial vessel clothed in the character of U.S. citizen, all nicely packaged when we apply for a license to drive motor vehicles. By definition a driver is someone for hire and hence in commerce, which places the driver under the regulatory control of the United States Congress with its delegated power to “control interstate commerce”. This harkens back to the Supreme Court case of the Propeller Genessee Chief vs. Fitzhugh, where (worthy of stating again) the Court held:  “…it may embrace also the vehicles and persons engaged in carrying it on. It would be in the power of Congress to confer admiralty jurisdiction upon its courts, over the cars engaged in transporting passengers or merchandise from one state to another, and over the persons engaged in conducting them, and deny to the parties the trial by jury.” Thus, when we apply for and accept the License to Drive as commercial drivers engaging in Interstate Commerce (and subject to the jurisdiction of the Congress of the United States thereby), the federal admiralty jurisdiction can embrace us in the “vehicles and persons engaged in carrying it on”. In the course of the third phase (age fourteen to twenty-one), men are conscripted into the military industrial complex war machine by registering themselves via Selective Service, which is mandatory for male U.S. citizens who have reached the age of eighteen. Both sexes can register to vote under the 1939 Voter Registration Act and subsequent National Voter Registration Acts. The 1939 Act has embedded clauses by which such registration becomes another voluntary act to allow the full pledge and hypothecation of all future production, labor and earning capacities to the State as part of the inviolate perpetual debt as stipulated in the Fourteenth Amendment of 1868. This establishes our willing and voluntary agreement to be the bonded surety to the franchise and have everything created thereby be owned by the United States to use as collateral against the perpetual debt. By the time we reach our third strike at the age of twenty-one we are “all in”. We have thrice disavowed our true being and incontrovertibly placed ourselves happily in the status of bonded surety

The Laws of Land and Sea

Extract from Part 5 | The Overview of the World System of Bondage With the Louisiana Purchase the Roman Civil Code was established on the land of North America via the Napoleonic Code. One of the keys in the Napoleonic Code is the requirement that a family or surname must be chosen and continued from generation to generation. This provided a continuous family name that could later be codified in the civil system and attached to the public person as a decedent estate. The passage and adoption of the Napoleonic Code in Louisiana, as it coincided with the Louisiana Purchase, began the systematic intrusion/overlay of Maritime and Admiralty law (jurisdiction) inclusive of the containment field of the Civitas (Civil Body) to be bound to the public codes of civil procedure that was perfected during the next 163 years. The final stroke of that brush on the canvas overlaying the land was something called the Revised Federal Lien Registration Act in 1966, which was passed after silver was removed from public circulation on January 1, 1965 (conveniently one year after Lyndon Johnson rescinded JFK’s executive order attempting to return to lawful money). That Act was enacted because Congress, being severely compromised, passed the “Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966” by which the entire taxing and monetary system i.e. “Essential Engine” (See: Federalist Papers No. 31) was placed under the Uniform Commercial Code. (See: Public Law 89-719, Legislative History, pg. 3722, also see, C.R.S. 5-1-106).” The Act essentially placed all elements of taxation and monetary issue under the purview of the UCC. Also see the description of Federal Lien Registration Acts by the Uniform Law Commission. Keep in mind that within the context of the essay “A Special Report on the National Emergency of the United States of America” linked above (see footnote 47) the author is missing some key and essential elements that were not understood when it was written twelve years ago, which shall be made clear in this discussion. Listen to Part 5 of 21An Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from life. Thus, Roman Civil Code, the Lex Mercatoria (Law Merchant), Maritime and Admiralty jurisdiction (including the key maritime function of insurance), commercial monetization that establishes a debtor-creditor relationship and the Uniform Commercial Code became the binding “law” that adhered to those who were subject to public policy under bankruptcy administrative requirements. All of these are controlled by the Law of the Sea and the management of the civil body. Ultimately, these are all wrapped under the top-dominant, Vatican-controlled UNIDROIT64 that created a uniform global commercial code and mercantile system of debt based monetization controlled by statutory civil procedures and uniform acts for the creation of commercial paper (circulating currency) and negotiable instruments (securitized documentary currency). 

The Public and The Private

An Extract from Part 4 | An Overview of the World System of Bondage The Public Body is the equivalent of the Civil Body, which takes us back to the Roman Civil Code. The Latin word civitas defined as “the social body of the cives, or citizens, united by law (concilium coetusque hominum jure sociati). It is the law that binds them together, giving them responsibilities (munera) on the one hand and rights of citizenship on the other. The agreement (concilium) has a life of its own, creating a res publica or “public entity” (synonymous with civitas), into which individuals are born or accepted, and from which they die or are ejected. The civitas is not just the collective body of all the citizens, it is the contract binding them all together.” Take note of the two phrases that are highlighted, the first indicating the co-relationship between responsibilities and rights. This is how the function of the “civil system” is established by creating the binding contract with the State as the provider of privileges and benefits (civil rights) in exchange for responsibilities (adherence to the binding civil codes of procedure). By acceptance, this establishes the binding contract that is affirmed and reaffirmed over and over again (by everyday acts such as writing checks, paying bills, acceptance of licenses, etc.) to bind the citizens to the control of the State, which includes the creation of public funds under public policy, binding all the citizens together into the Civitas. Further, we must note that the term “citizen” (a cive, from which we derive the word civilian) is ultimately defined as “property of the State”.  Part 4 of 21An Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from life. Thus, the public or civil body is a containment field, the concept and legal construction of which was created in the Roman period so that those without standing to actually hold an estate could be lifted off the land, held within such containment, and basically “chattelized” (to coin a phrase), to be contained as the chattel property of the State and thereby to be utilized by what we now call the elite, those with standing. Chattel is movable property, not attached to the land. The word is phonetically related to the words cattle and capital. Cattle are the stock held in the stockyard, the equity value derived from the land upon which they are grazed. They are counted “per capita” or “by the head”. It is no different than the people as chattel property that graze the plantation of the modern economy to create corporate stock as equity, that is traded and monetized on the “stock market” and thereby become capital to be used to create public funds as currency. All colonies of the British were referred to as plantations.

The Two Estates

An Extract from Part 3 | An Overview of the World System of Bondage The original estates held by the aristocracy were perpetual in nature. They were grounded in the land and the peerage of titles passed from one generation to the next. Original titles in land were the actual titles given to the aristocracy. The estate was held in the name of the Living Beneficiary, the Title Holder, known as the Cestui Que Vie. This is the true definition of the word “entitlement” as the Living Beneficiary held the title and was thus entitled to the full value and beneficial interests of the estate and the title of the land was vested in the actual title of the peerage, i.e., Duke, Baron, Count, Earl, etc. Thus, the estate was known as a Duchy, Barony, County, Earldom, etc. Such entitled “lords” were the actual Landlords of the Realm and were the only parties holding any rights or beneficial interests in the estates as well as the enumerated rights of the Magna Carta (including the right to be tried by a Jury of Peers, as only those of the Peerage can sit in such a jury). Notice how in the current system all of this has been corporatized, where Counties are corporations that belong to a national corporate association in Washington D.C. Within the civil containment system the civil privileges vested into franchises and the men, women and children attached thereto as the sureties receive entitlements as mere privileges and benefits in many forms, all of which are attached to the Realm of the Dead that is lifted off the land into the system of corporatized fictions. These sorts of entitlements are really ghostly apparitions compared to the original entitlement structure of true land hold and title.  Part 3 of 21An Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from life. By definition, a Cestui Que Vie is the “life by which the duration of the estate is measured”. Thus, whoever is the Living Beneficiary measures the duration of said estate from the beginning of inheritance of Title up to the end his life. When one Cestui Que Vie dies, the next Living Beneficiary automatically becomes the new Cestui Que Vie. In this way, the ancestral lineage of bloodlines became hard wired to the land. Such lineal descent became synonymous with key points such as land hold, rights in Law, entitlement, status as a living beneficiary and the concept of perpetual offices (Houses and Titles). The title was attached to the Manor (House) and vested as a Hereditary Title conveyed by the Sovereign into the Office of the Lord and this then established the office of Lord of the Manor. The reciprocal “handshake” of acceptance of the Office and Title was an Oath of Fealty, and being as an Oath is a bond that establishes jurisdiction, this then completed the circle of land, title, peerage and jurisdiction. Overall, this established the hierarchy of purported ownership of all land in the world vested in a singular Sovereign as the Crown Corporation.

The Implementation of Full Containment

An Extract from Part 2 | An Overview of the World System of Bondage In the past thirty years there have been many people in pursuit of solutions out of this mess. In the mid to late 1990s and into the 2000s and 2010s a set of so-called “solutions” emerged that seemed to have all the answers within the commercial arena. These were known by various names such as Acceptance for Value, Administrative Processes, Perfection of Commercial Liens, Notarial Protests and Secured Party Creditor. They were all based on the principles and understanding of the UCC system in the presumption that that was the ultimate field in which remedy would be achieved. In many instances, the appearance of remedy was achieved and many went out on the circuit to teach and promote their knowledge and experience. Many thousands followed those leads and unfortunately many of those ended up paying significant prices in terms of time, money and freedom as one by one each alleged remedy became another quicksand pit of consequences. Even today the internet is rife with web sites promoting many so-called solutions even though most of the originators of such ended up in prison. What they all failed to comprehend was the fatal flaws hidden within the fabric of commercial processes. These fatal flaws had to do with the deeper layers of the system having to do with bankruptcy, admiralty, civil procedures, commercial construction, debtor-creditor relations, international treaties, definitions of enemy and belligerent status, and the true nature of commerce as defined herein. In short, it all gets down to three important words: Status, Standing and Capacity, which we will thoroughly explore and define in this document Part 2 of 21An Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from life. We have discussed the normal status that almost all beings hold at this time, that of bonded surety to a bankrupt franchise. The United States system is the lynch pin and is mostly the focus of this paper, but the same is true with variations in every nation of the world. All are in fact corporations (channeled through the U.S. securities system), all are bankrupt, all have central banks of issue that issue monetized debt that bonds the people as sureties and perpetual debt service slaves. The word “status” is derived from the same etymological roots as the words state, estate, statute and static. Each one of us is considered a “state in fact”, in static/fixed form (like a statue frozen in time), with property titles attached thereto as an estate. All property and land in this world is held in and as estates. We will return to this key and central point later in our discussion. For now, just understand that we all have a “status” that defines the elements of the estate associated thereto, and in most cases our status is that of a bonded surety to a bankrupt franchise. In that status, the estate is known as a “decedent”, which is literally defined as “one who is dying”. If one looks in a modern dictionary, a decedent is generally regarded as one who has died – but the original definition remains as one who is dying, thus it is always important to not simply accept how a term is generally used or defined. The original and literal definition has not been removed, only overlaid, and is still operative, especially when used in a legal context. Standing has to do with inherent capacity when it comes to Law, or the lack thereof. As a bankrupt, we are considered to lack standing to state a claim. This is evidenced by the continuous use of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 12B(6) by the courts to dismiss many cases on the simple grounds, per said rule, that the case is dismissed “for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted”. This is also reflected in State rules of procedure. Additionally, there is a parallel set titled Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that makes it appear that there is a difference, but when we dig deeper we find that in fact it is all a matter of “commercial” transgressions. We also do not have any access to true common law with that status, and therefore cannot bring a Court of Record pursuant to the common law with the status of a bankrupt.  All rights, property and titles are based on the inherent right to state a claim, so as a bankrupt we have forfeited that right and thus have no standing in Law nor the capacity to claim the hidden equitable rights, values and interests attached to the underlying ancestral/lineal estate. Such rights are held by the beneficiary and heir to the estate. However, in our current status as a bonded surety we are considered to have abandoned our true estate (see detail of the two estates in Part Three). When there is substance in the standing of the heir, he (or she, although traditional right of inheritance was only attributable to the male, but since we are forging new ground entirely, we decree that all beings, male and female, have such equal rights), is considered a Living Beneficiary (as they are not civilly dead). But the lack of standing due to being the bonded surety to a bankrupt franchise places us as civilly dead in the system and thus we can only have limited beneficial use of property that effectively belongs to another who holds superior title. Without standing one cannot claim rights, stand on the land or have access to Law or Equity in the truest sense of those terms. With impaired (bankrupt) status and lack of standing we therefore have no Capacity. Capacity is the inherent power to assert authority and control over property, land, law, rights and essentially the substance of life. Our current status as bonded sureties without standing leaves us bereft of any real capacity, any real freedom or any control over our lives.

The Nature of Bondage

On the record of live birth, the functions of the mother constitute a registration in which she is characterized as the “informant”, which literally means she is putting her newborn into “form”.