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The Secret History of Law and Humanity

Kenneth Scott is interviewed by Seal Josephson of Nexus TV on Zoom Boom – Window On The World. The History of the Holy Roman Empire, The Law Systems of the World, The City of London, The Napoleonic Code, The Holy Alliance, Anunnaki, Upper Egypt, 18th Dynasty, Oath of Fealty, The Unum Sanctum, The Law of Contract, Commerce, The Feudal System.

Who is the Proper Grantee of the Land?

There is a difference between land and property. No corporation in bankruptcy can claim land (and all corporations as corporate sub-divisions of the master corporation are bankrupt); the limited property titles are only certificated titles, or deeds of trust, that are actually property of the United States and the other Nation States, and they in turn have collateralized all such property as pledge against the bankrupt estate.

Court of the People ~ Maxims of Equity

A primary objective of The Ecclesiastical Court for the Kingdom of David is to form a comprehensive, robust, and
dynamic judicial system that raises the integrity of Law to the highest level available at this time on Planet
Earth. The Maxims of Equity will be fundamental to the application of judicial procedures within the D’Vida Private Society judicial system.

The Choice

The Choice Before Us – Life or Death An Extract from Part 6 | An Overview of the World System of Bondage There must always be remedy in Law. We live in and have our existence in a Free Will Universe and therefore only by the voluntary consent of the willing participant is any of …

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The Laws of Land and Sea

Extract from Part 5 | The Overview of the World System of Bondage With the Louisiana Purchase the Roman Civil Code was established on the land of North America via the Napoleonic Code. One of the keys in the Napoleonic Code is the requirement that a family or surname must be chosen and continued from …

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