D'Vida Private Society Member Update 2022

Please Note: This video was filmed in October but was held for release until the website was ready to launch. In the video Ken references time frames of starting in October, but it took us longer to complete the website, so please note this difference in time references in the video. 

An overview of the restructuring of the D’Vida Private Society, Panterra D’Oro Private Society, and the Kingdom of David. In recent months it has been decided that the D’Vida Society and the Panterra D’Oro Society will be operating independent of the Kingdom of David. The two Societies will merge to now be know as the PanTerraVida Private Society. Members of the D’Vida Society who so chose will be invited to join PanTerraVida Society and together we will continue developing and implementing the society’s mission and purpose.

We want all D’Vida Society members to know that their Mandate of Non-Consent and their Writs issued under the Kingdom of David are all still valid, as ‘Equity sees first Intent’. We will be developing our own Mandates and Writs from within the Peoples’ Court and if you wish to join us on the next stage of our journey you may chose to reissue your documents under the PanTerraVida Court of the People. If you would like to learn more please take some time to look around this website.

Our mission is multi-layered where our focus will be on the land, water systems, oceans, rivers, and forests, essentially all living systems of earth are paramount in our consideration and our purpose and our mission. We also reference law. In law, if you have no standing on the land, you do not have any embodiment or directive capacity in law. In previous videos we have talked extensively about our blueprint and our mission to bring the people out of Babylon, out of the matrix, and guide them as to how they can separate from the impairment of being attached to the debt monetization system and how they can gain lawful standing, within our blueprint we have developed a comprehensive court system, treasury, banking and monetary system.

Our focus will continue to be on education and we are developing the Gemstone Earth Media Alliance to complement our established Gemstone University. The Gemstone Earth Media Alliance will be a decentralized platform where the educational material on law, history, money, and many other topics covering health, healing, permaculture, sustainable building and more will be available to members, each member will have their own access point with their unique homepage and drag and drop modules to customize their own unique user experience from social media interaction, communication, education, publishing, broadcasting, and a marketplace, with full banking integration.

We have many projects already well established in Africa, Asia, South America and other places. We have contracts in place with governments in Africa to bring significant support for them to heal and rebuild their countries. Technology, agriculture, forestry, building, educational systems, building, health, and well-being, and medical facilities. Large scale infrastructure for roads and transportation and other infrastructure that’s very much necessary in many countries in the world.

The Weems family and the Kingdom of David are going to continue their work and their work is going to be very valuable and it will attract many other types of individuals, families, organizations and so forth in the world, and we wish them the very best.