The Power of Acceptance

The Way You Do Equity Is You Accept Everything From Any Public Actor, Officer, Or Agent. The one power inherent in every commercial presentment is our unlimited Power to Accept. If you accept it, you don’t go into controversy. But you don’t “accept it for value”. That’s a commercial aberration. This is why the D’Vida documents, the Mandate and Writs, and instructions are created the way they are. Here is a point-by-point explanation of how it works: If somebody comes to your door and says, “I’m here from the Health Department. You are required to take this injection . . . ”, You say: “Great! I’m happy you are here.” With this attitude, you are not going into controversy and it defuses the entire situation. You don’t argue. (Everybody thinks they need to argue and that’s where one enters a field of battle. The system is set up so that we lose every time in a field of battle because we go into dishonor, we dishonor the presentment. If you look at the rules of the UCC, you can only do 2 things: You can honor a presentment or you can dishonor it). You don’t reject, you simply give them a condition, a precedent to your accepting the mandatory requirement. What we tell people on the website and in the instructions is if someone comes to your door and says “it’s mandatory, you have to do it”, you say: “Oh thank you for showing up. I appreciate it but I do not do any commercial business in person, only via the mail. I require your written authority with your wet ink signature and your supervisor’s wet ink signature sent to me in the mail.” If they say it is not a commercial business, you say “I am not here to argue the law with you. Are you qualified to make legal decisions here?” Of course they are not and will have to say so. When it’s sent in the mail it’s under Federal jurisdiction. In the United States, if it’s a fraudulent instrument, the United States will deal with it on their own terms as mail fraud. In other countries it would be good to research to find similar basis for federal jurisdiction over anything that is sent through the mail. Everything we do in the private aligns or conforms with the phrase “Let the Dead tend to the Dead.” Any item they send to you is a public document and a commercial instrument. It is from the realm of the dead. When we accept it and return it, we are sending their dead instrument back to them to settle. So we let the Dead tend to the Dead, we let them settle their controversies, let them settle their claims, liabilities and so forth. We stay in the private. We honor what they give us and we say to them, “We simply require it to come in a written form with your wet ink signature and that of your supervisor verifying your full legal and lawful authority to do what you say is mandatory.” You don’t threaten. You only give honor and that requires them to return honor. That is what is meant by “Going To Peace.” The power of going to peace is manifold beyond anything in the field of battle. They have to go back, put their wet ink signature on a written statement, and by so doing they’ve already put their liability on there – you don’t have to notice them of it. Sending Notices of Liability in any form is actually considered a threat and puts one in the position of being seen as a belligerent and enemy combatant. Doing what we do keeps us at peace in the public and neutral with all parties, thus not giving any manner of way to attack us. If somebody comes to your door and you say, “Great, send me this, signed by you and your supervisor, please send it to this address, and the address is: Kingdom of David, Attention John Henry Doe, c/o 1234 Main Street, Sometown, Anystate… They’re sending it to the Kingdom of David. You’re acting under the umbrella and sanctuary of the Kingdom of David. What you do is you accept it, follow the instructions in your D’Vida Welcome Pack. Write in the upper right corner of the document “ACCEPTED” (with quotation marks), the date and your signature. You have actually accepted the embedded equity that underwrites the issue of that charged instrument that creates a debt. Even if you don’t think a mandate order to do something medically is neither commercial nor creates a debt, they do in fact do exactly that. When they do the injections they actually create a bond or multiple bonds, underwritten by your underlying estate, and they make a lot of money on the trading of these bonds. So, when they say that is entirely not true. They are bonding us to further debt much more than the simple cost of the stuff shot into your arm. When they have this mandate, they’re creating a charged instrument with the franchise name that compels you as the surety to step up under public policy and perform the mandatory requirement AKA, take the jab. It is a charge just like any other charge. It has a monetary value. When you perform the duty, it becomes a discharge, which settles it. But the bonds underneath remain, and they are traded and generate a lot more than the charge on the surface. There is equity there because the estate that underlies the franchise is providing the secured value and the collateralization of that debt instrument. When you do full status correction, you have complete command and control of all of that. But it takes a serious commitment to fully correct one’s status. What we are starting with our D’Vida members is that you can still have the power of acceptance even if you don’t have any status correction under your belt,